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Rev. Jim Barber


Jim Barber is the voice you hear on Hearts To Believe. He also leads the Canada-wide TV work, Faith To Live By, his Dad started in January, 1962.  And Jim is the founding pastor of Faith Bible Church of Winnipeg.  


He is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg and Winnipeg Theological Seminary and has worked for 35 years in missions, Bible school teaching, kids camping and pastoring in West Africa, Ontario, Manitoba and BC.  He is married to Charlene and lives in Winnipeg.

About the Ministry

Late on the same day Jesus was raised out of His borrowed tomb, He walked with two of His disciples to the village of Emmaus.  The disciples were so completely bewildered by Jesus’ crucifixion and then by reports of His resurrection that they didn’t realize who their travelling companion was.  Jesus asked them why they were so sad and the meaning of their conversation. 


He then rebuked the two calling them “foolish men and slow of heart to believe” (Luke 24:25).  Nothing delights the heart of God more than those who are full of faith.  God desires that we be faith-full!  We are to have hearts which are ready and quick to lay hold of the promises of God and believe in His word. 


The goal of HEARTS TO BELIEVE is that you might have your heart positioned to be ready to receive what God has to say and live it out in all you do and say.  Be sure to join us each weekend for a new broadcast and make use of our podcasts at any time to help you GROW in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ!

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